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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does my electric meter have to be on the outside of my house?

I live in Iowa and currently my electric meter is on the outside of my house beneath my deck. I would like to build a room below my deck and install spa tub, but then that would make my electric meter enclosed in that room. So my question is if I do this addition, would I have to have them move my electric meter to outside of the new addition or just give them access when they ask? I'm fairly certain that they read my meter electronically instead of physically for my bills.

Best Answer...


Yes, electric meter must always be outside where the electric company can access it 24/7, and so their meter reader can get to it at any time, or to where they can pull the meter because of fire hazard, or non-payment of electric bill. Yes, the electric company would have to disconnect the meter long enough for a licensed electrician that YOU have to hire, rewires your power service to the outside, according to the existing electrical codes in your area.
You will also have to get the proper building and electrical permits to be able to do it. The power company won't touch it without proper permits. (The local/state gov't is gonna get their share..$$$...!