Digital Multimeter Volt Tool

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Digital Multimeter Volt Tool

100 Series Meters: Fluke 179

If you’re doing any sort of electrical work for your job or around the house, you probably need a digital multimeter. A digital multimeter, or DMM, allows you to take measurements for all sorts of electrical properties on a circuit or device. Basic meters allow you to measure voltage, both DC and AC, and check for continuity or resistance. More advanced meters give you the ability to measure current and capacitance, read frequencies, test if a diode is working, or plug in a thermocouple to measure temperature.

The Fluke 179 digital multimeter was designed for those needing a full-featured meter that can measure all basic electrical properties, as well as temperature. The Fluke 179 gives you the power and ability to troubleshoot and diagnose any electrical issue. Plus, as Fluke’s premier general-purpose multimeter, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

In addition to being able to measure AC and DC voltages, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and temperature, it comes with convenience features such as autohold, min-max, and automatic or manual ranging. Autohold allows you to freeze the display at the current value, or let the meter display values once the reading has stabilized. Min-max is good for transient readings, showing the minimum or maximum reading since activating this feature. And automatic ranging selects the proper range, thereby giving you the best resolution for your measurement.

The Fluke 179 has a nice backlit digital display with analog bar graph along the bottom. A standard 9 volt battery gives it a 200 hour service life, without using the backlight, and it has an automatic power timeout if you forget to turn it off. 2 fuses protect the internal circuitry for current measurements, with modes of up to 400mA and up to 10A.

For accuracy, the Fluke 179 is a True RMS meter. It can handle any AC waveform and yield accurate readings, unlike RMS averaged meters which assume a sine-wave and apply a correction. The base DC accuracy is 0.9%, which is an improvement over the 175’s 0.15% accuracy. The 177 is the same internally as the 179, with 6,000 count resolution, and differs only in the temperature capability.

The ranges and accuracies are as follows for the various modes. Voltage – 1000V, 0.09% DC and 1.0% AC. Current – 10A, 1.0% DC and 1.5% AC. Frequency – 0.01Hz to 100kHz, 0.1%. Resistance – 50MΩ, 0.9%. Capacitance – 10mF, 1.2%. Temperature - -40C to 400C, 1.0%.

The UL, TÜV, and CSA have all approved the Fluke 179, with pending approval from VDE. It’s rated at 1000V for CAT III and 600V for CAT IV.

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