12v Regulated Supply

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Will two 12v power supplies connected in parallel damage a 12v integrated circuit?

This is to prevent a controller (the integrated circuit) connected to an air source heat pump switching off and so having to be switched on each time the ashp unit switches off with the time clock, when this happens it must then be manually switched on at the controller. The second 12v supply would be connected directly to the supply wires for the controller and be on permanently. I was thinking of using a 240v mains connected converter. The clock is connected in series with the ashp control supply just as it would be in a boiler, the clock is a honeywell CM67.

Best Answer...


You cannot connect the output of 2 12V regulated supplies together!

A slight voltage difference between the two 12V outputs will cause one regulated supply to "see" the other supply's output as a short circuit!

To use the two 12v supplies to create a redundant system, you would need to isolate each supply from the load, either with a series diode or with relay contacts.

The relay coil would be connected to the "primary-source" 12V supply, so when this supply fails the relay contacts would automatically switch to the "secondary" supply.