Safety Relay

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what is the benefit of electrical safety relay and when i should use it ?

should every electrical cct contain safety relay?

Best Answer...


Safety Relay. Safety means for personnel and equipment safety. Relay is a switch either to off or on automatically based on signal from other source. So the safety relay is a kind of switch switch used for protection.
It will cut off the electrical current to an equipment when it is dangerous to the safety of equipment or personnel.
For example, 1. an AC motor is overloaded beyond its design capacity, the motor would continue to draw more current to compensate with the load it is serving, even it will burned out. To protect the burn out, a safety switch is installed, you will name it overload safety relay or just overload relay.
2. The door of an electrical panel is equipped with door safety relay. It will switch off all electrical current to the panel, when it is opened for inspection or components replacement, so to protect the engineer from electrical shock. 3. When the cable in your house. The cable isolation may be destroyed by any mechanical means, and both the leads touch each other, known as short circuit. This touching of the copper leads draw high current and burn like a big lamp that would cause a fire to your house and even to the whole community. The main breaker at your house serves as safety relay to switch off all the electrical current before it reach the set safe limit