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What are the chemical plant operations that use the bubbler system?

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What are bubbler systems, first...
Flood and waste water systems.
Lawrence & Peck Pump Stations: Long Island, New York
Stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure houses redundant manometer switch gauge, float systems, and compressors. This system was part of a critical pump station with very large flows, requiring double redundancy in critical subsystems.

Bubbler System: Lake Grove, New York
Stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure for system of motot starters and breakers for 10 hp pumps. System includes mercury manometer switch gauge for setting pump levels and alarms, and bubbler system with internal low pressure air supply.

Bubbler System: Triplex Pump Motor Control Center, Clarksville, Tennessee
This lineup shows the bubbler system mounted in with a motor control center. This bubbler system example includes compressors and the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC with operator key pad for level and alarm set points. Stand-alone bubbler systems to match your MCC or complete MCC lineups can be provided.

Bubbler System: Maryville, Tennessee
This bubbler system is used for a variable speed drive application. It includes compressors, pressure transmitter, and programmable logic controller. There is also an operator key pad for level set pioints and speed range and span adjustments.

Pump Controls - Analog
Float System: Hoover, Alabama
This system sets the standard for quality in pump controls, and Revere has a large installed base of such systems. It uses the highest quality components, NEMA starters, stainless steel enclosure, oil tight operators, and plug-in relays. It is also designed to facilitate ease of maintenance by virtually any level of personnel.

Booster PumpSystem: Butlers Mill, Alabama
This duplex 60 hp reduced voltage part winding, water booster pump system includes a NEMA 4 enclosure, main breakers, NEMA starters, phase monitors, Micrologic PLC with a Microview operator interface. This interface allows the operator to adjust timer settings, view pump run times, and view a comprehensive set of alarms.