Wire Crimping

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Wire Crimping

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Auto Install - How to crimp two wires together & common tools to use

The usage and features of curvy welded wire fence

Curvy welded wire fence is a complete welded wire fencing system, able to enhance every architectural style. Curvy welded fence is a welded wire fencing system for residential, commercial and industrial fencing projects. This differs from woven wire in which the junctions are joined by a wrap of the vertical wire around the horizontal wire. Curvy welded wire fence is sturdier than other mesh fencing, which makes it easier to install.

Proper bending makes the curvy welded wire fence look especially beautiful. And various colors of dipping treatment are used on the surface, such as yellow, green, and red. The matching of different colors between the column and mesh especially strengthens the visual effect. In addition, the curvy welded mesh fence adopts columns with chassis, so it is very convenient to install only if the expansion bolt is fixed.


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