Tubing Wire

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How many volts can I have running before I trip my 100Amp breaker panel?

I have an older house that had knob & tube wiring. It was partially upgraded to 100Amp breaker panel, but I need to know how many volts will trip the breaker.

Thanks for your time.

Best Answer...


Hi Amanda, It's the amperage draw that determines how much a breaker can handle before it trips. 120 volts runs things like lights and plugs and 240 volts is needed for the stove, water heater, and clothes dryer. You probably don't have central heat and air as this usually requires a 200 amp service.

Be advised that any remaining receptacles that are still fed with the knob and tube wiring will not be grounded. They may have 3 prong outlets but doubtful that they are grounded.

You should be okay with the 100 amp service. If you have not had any previous problem tripping the main breaker then you most likely will not encounter any problems unless some major loads are added.