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Frequently Asked Questions...

Noisy guitar amp please help?

Im kind of a noob when it comes to guitar amps but i have two things i want to know. 1. I have a a square amp with dials across the top its a about 1 square foot. what is the difference between those amps that have no dials and are staked with a head on top with all the dials. what do they do different? and also when i try to tap a solo that has distrotion I have to turn it up to hear it but when i turn it up load enough theres a lot of fuzzing sound coming from my amp. its not like when you hear a guitar through a CD. also when I have distortion (this just started to happen) and i move my guitar away from the amp or turn to a different dirrection it cuts of and i cant hear anything. Last thing is what would be the best amp between 100-200 dollars to play metallica like music. Please help.

Best Answer...


well the amp you have is considered a "combo" because its a head and amp combined, the difference with a stack is that you get alot more power out of it, alot more sound, and in my case (with a line 6 Spider III HD150 on top of a Spider Cab) alot of built in effects, however not all heads have as many, most just have a clean channel and a distorted channel. you can get alot of the exact same features in a combo, the main difference is the power and sound of it all. a good choice would be a twin amp (a combo with 2 speakers preferably 12 inches each) and if your just playing in your house you might want built in effects rather than spending lots of money on effects pedals. line 6 spider III series has built in metallica effects already programmed in to it, so here's a link to what, in my opinion, would be your perfect amp
and about the way your existing amp sounds, its probably because its only a 10-15 watt amp that is super cheap made, and just doesnt have the power to really sound good at all

if you want a good amp for cheap


or if you can afford this, it would be better