Circuit 120

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much can a circut take before it trips.?

How many watts can an avrage circut take before it trips? im not very knowlageable so i hope that makes sence. the reason i ask, Im wanting to put in 4 can lights and a celing fan in my master bedroom. im trying to find out if i can do this with existing wiring.
How can i tell what amprage my circuts are? and the circut that in on the light switch id want to use has alot of the upstairs lighting on it. 3 hall lights all the lighting and outlets for the master bed room,, i have nothing that i would say has a big draw in the bedroom. normal stuff. TV, clock, a small bedside light. it also controls the light bar in the bathroom... still no problems? i would also want to add a switch to the circut. the exsisting one fot the can lights and a new one for the fan. ..what are avrage watts for the fan.? Are there any concerns that i should have?

Best Answer...


Most circuits are rated for 20 amps, some might be 15 amps. This is based on what the breaker for the circuit is rated for. The same goes for fuses.
20 amp circuit @ 120 volts is 2400 watts, 15 amp @ 120 volts is 1800 watts so four can lights and a fan should not be a problem. One other factor is any outlets wired on the same circuit having high wattage items like space heaters will be a load to factor in.

Most can lights don't use high wattage lamps so you should be ok.