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Frequently Asked Questions...

I installed a 20 amp GFI in the kitchen and about every other day it trips? Any ideas why?

It is a 20 amp fuse and there is nothing plugged into it. There is one other outlet that on that circuit and it is a regular outlet. Also, it will trip sometimes when nothing is plugged into the circuit.

Best Answer...


initially sounds like 1 of 2 scenarios:
1) there is a problem with how the GFCI outlet is wired as it has to have a proper ground in order to function properly. majority of the tripping is caused by faulty grounding, or a short to ground. make sure that the hot/neutral wires are also properly insulated.
2) is it wired in before or after the standard/non-GFCI outlet. If it is before, then when this one trips, the other outlet wont work either. if its after, then it could be tripped by anything downstream of it.