16a Single Pole Mcb

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have to design house wiring , can anybody tell me how to calculate the load & materials required?

load includes 3 washing machines, 2 celing fans & 2 exhaust fans.How to draw the SLD for housewiring & what should be the rating of MCB & ELCB?

Best Answer...



I work in the UAE (Middle East) & the following are the design detail which follows BS standards with IEE regulations 16th Edition for electrical wiring for houses.

A.Washing machines – 800 to 1200watts each
Normally washing machines are wired with separate circuits with 20A single pole MCB. Wire size used is stranded 4mm2 copper wires. Earth leakage protection ELCB is 30milli amperes

B.Ceiling fans – 60watts each
Exhaust fans – 40watts each
Normally ceiling fans, exhaust fans & lighting points to be in a same circuit max. loading is 1000wats with 10A single pole MCB & above 1000 upto 2000watts with 16A single pole MCB. Wire size used is stranded 2.5mm2 copper wires. Earth leakage protection ELCB is 100milli amperes.

Total load in KW for your load is appx. 3200watts & current for single phase distribution is max. 17amperes. Main incoming breaker could be 25A.

This is a guidance only, you may calculate actual current, required cable size & protection rating accordingly in line with your local authority regulations.

I really do not have any idea of the regulations followed in other parts of the world.