15 Amp

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Will a 15 amp fuse protect accessories on a car?

I am installing some neon lights and lights inside my car and I was going to buy a 15 amp fuse, will this protect the switches and lights that I hook up to it?

Best Answer...


It may not be a large enough fuse depending on how many lights you put on it count up all amp loads from your lights add them together then add 10-20% to that and you will know how large of fuse you need , remember a fuse only turns off the load (you lights in this case) if a short or overload occurs, and it really don't protect the items on the circuit it protects the vehicles wiring and electrical system from your lights.

In short fuses and breakers keep things from shorting out for too long and starting fires or damaging other equipment.

Fuses and breakers at max load should only have an 80% carrying load 20% head room.